ac.openid.net Introduction

If you want to learn more about an account chooser, we suggest first reviewing some of these other resources:
This website is for the OpenID Foundation working group which consists of the relatively small set of people who are actively working on maintaining the accountchooser.com site, including the JavaScript and APIs.

Mailing list
Scheduled calls
  • There is a call every other week, alternating between an EMEA and APAC friendly time
    • The first EMEA call is Tuesday June 12th 8:30am PT/17:30 German time and then repeating every 4 weeks
    • The first APAC call is Wednesday June 27th 4:30pm PT/8:30am JST <Japan> time and then repeating every 4 weeks
  • Dial In: 1 (866) 243-6264 or see international numbers or try dialing 1 (224) 357-2812
    • Participant passcode: 1244283140 (changed on Jul 19th, 2013) 
API details