An Account Chooser is designed to be a layer you can add on top of your website's existing sign in and registration flows.  By integrating your website with an Account Chooser you should expect to increase registration and sign in rates, as well as reduce costs from users who have trouble logging into their account.  Because keeps a single list of accounts in the user's browser, the more websites who use it, the more likely the user will have already added their account to the list.

Add a diagram here:
- show account selector at top with a personal and work picture of one person, and a personal picture of husband/wife
- show a bunch of websites linked to it, maybe the same ones as the business slide, and then show different pictures going to different sites.  So work pictures goes to 401k and supplier site.  BOTH Personal picture go to gaming site.  Single personal picture goes to news site

Your website can use an Account Chooser WITHOUT becoming a relying party to identity providers.  In fact, if your site plans to become a relying party in the future, you should consider deploying an account chooser first because it can generally avoids some of the user confusion when your site does begin to support a mix of password based logins and identity provider logins.  However we suggest that eventually most sites should both integrated with the service and become a relying party.  Click the boxes below to learn about a number of products and services that can help with that transition.

Add another diagram here:
- Same as above, but more detail
- Add a row between account chooser and sites with the consumer and enterprise identity providers like the business slide
- Show 2 work pictures flowing through enterprise identity provider to 401k and supplier site.
- Show both personal pictures flowing through consumer identity provider to gaming sites
- Show single personal picture going to news site, and on same row as identity provider show a traditional email/password login box
- Change the "RP" box so it does not include the news site, and change it to say "Account Chooser + Relying Party"
- The IDP & RP boxes should link to the same destinations as the business page
- The "Account Chooser" box should link to this page that is similar to the RP solutions page, but only lists products that support the accountchooser.

It is also possible to deploy these techniques on your own since they are based on standards as described in the working group section of the main site.