Learn more about the central account chooser service

Websites are replacing traditional login boxes with an account chooser to make those sites more secure and easier to use (explore a sample site). When you try to sign in to such a site, you will see a page like this one with the list of accounts you most frequently use on this computer:

Simply click the account that you want to use.  If you do not see an entry for the account you want to use, then simply click the button at the bottom to add another account.  Once you log into the account, you will be shown a page like this one asking you to confirm that you want to add it to the list of accounts on this computer:

Advanced Topics

If you want to remove an account, you can use your mouse to hover over that account entry and then choose the X button in the top corner to delete it (or on mobile browsers click the Edit button).  However, if you are using a shared computer and you don't want to mix the account entries with other people, then you should consider using an approach that keeps your browser information separate.  For example:
The list of accounts displayed by accountchooser.com are stored in your browser.  The account information is never shared with a site unless you explicitly select an account to use with the site.  You can visit the central account chooser site directly at any time to view, or delete, account entries.  You can also disable, or re-enable, the account chooser service on your computer by visiting this page.

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